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Secured Signings, LLC (SSL) is a national signing agent management company, with over 20+ years’ experience. SSL excels in providing quality, efficiency, and security through notarial services, nationwide. Our company was derived from the ever changing landscape of real estate signings requirements and state and federal statutes. SSL prides ourselves on being cutting edge with technologies such as RON, RIN, e-Signings, as well as the traditional in-person notary signings. Our success comes from the multiple check points that each file will systematically go through to ensure all parties involved are communicating and effectively working together from the initial placement of your order throughout the completion of the transaction.

Security At The Tips Of Your Fingers

SSL is national in scope, with over 18,000 certified signings agents at our disposal. SSL is able to provide real estate experienced signings agents, anywhere in the county, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. Our agents will meet with your customers at a time and location most convenient to your signers. SSL also provides access to our staff from 7:00am CST to 7:00pm CST Monday-Friday, and on weekends as needed. This ensures that as questions come up during signings there will be a staff member available to assist and, if needed, connect the parties to the settlement agency, loan officer, etc.

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  • Refinance Transactions
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Seller Side Only Transactions
  • Deed in Lieu Transactions
  • Loan Modifications
  • Ala Carte Transactions
  • Deed Signings
  • Power Of Attorney Signings
  • Many More…

Secured Signings Gives
You The Online Home
Signings Power

Although SSL does maintain standard pricing we prefer to understand the footprint, volume, and needs of our clients and then develop a pricing model that is both competitive and specifically relative to the needs of the individual client. For more information on pricing, please contact

Secured Signings

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